STUDIES IN CONVULSION was spurred by a partial inner tube found at the side of the road on a cross-country road trip. The object embodied the cycle of production from rawness to refinement and back to decay. The rubber scrap’s pliability and strength called for reshaping into a more organic form, implying its trajectory to decay. The reshaped and laboriously stitched object also becomes fetishistic, alluding to society’s addiction to transportation and convenience at the cost of natural resources. The openings with spilling cords evoke a liminal state between life and death.

DESIGNED FOR GENERAL USE takes an irreverent look at the variety of structures that we impose on ourselves from the corporeal to the municipal. I am continually amazed and amused by the specificity of functions amongst the devices that we, as a very sophisticated animal, are able to conceive of and produce; e.g. eyelash curlers, bidets, cranes. The level of complexity we have reached is dazzling. There is a presumption that with this sophistication we can contain, organize, and control our bodies, our lives, or even natural forces, yet in most cases that attempt at order is a tenuous one, be it in a suburban kitchen or in a desert triage unit. Some of the “devices” in the exhibit conflate systems of the body with those of public utilities, highlighting a certain unpredictability in the face of our intricate interventions to control elimination, contamination and transformation,to name a few.

AND THE REFINEMENT OF THEIR DECLINE What do we require to feel comfort? What causes the “need” for luxury? Historically, sumptuous fashion or decor uses precious materials or ordinary ones that have been highly crafted or refined through human labor. How did these refinements come to be invented? What propelled people to transform simple needs for warmth, protection and comfort into elaborate embellishments? The fact that these refinements often stem from potentially abject substances, such as moth cocoons or sheep fur, creates a compelling tension between their source and their final manifestation.

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