“My diverse artistic practice deals with the myriad oppositions permeating human life, such as nature and artifice, accident and intent.”

                                                            -Victoria May, 2018


Victoria May combines raw, unpredictable elements with human-invented intricacies, exploring realms from psychology to industry. A diversity of sensually evocative materials are meticulously joined, layered, and embedded, resulting in highly crafted sculptural objects, wall works and installations. Naturally derived materials or processes intersect with ones that are artificially synthesized, relaying visceral and conceptual tension.


Victoria May is an avid advocate for material re-use. She received her MFA from San Jose State University and her BA from UCLA. In 2010 May received a Santa Cruz County Rydell Fellowship and In 2015 she was named an Artist Laureate by Silicon Valley Creates. Her work has been published in By Hand, Fiber Arts, and Surface Design Journal. She exhibits nationally and internationally and is represented by Green Chalk Contemporary in Monterey, CA and Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson, AZ.

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