DATES: March 7- April 25, 2015 

PLACE: Green Chalk Contemporary

616 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey, CA  93940



Green Chalk presents THIS PHENOMENAL WORLD, an exhibition of uniquely stunning artworks drawn from the work of three artists from the San Francisco bay area- Robert Brady, Linda Connor and Richard Whittaker. These artworks, selected from an array of mediums, emphasize the unique ways each work solicits a viewer’s attention to give a transcendent experience. 


What do you think of this phenomenal world? As you go about your day to day life, do you find that the unique qualities of the world are overwhelmed by the mundane?  One of the things art can do is to open our eyes to something that was hiding in plain sight. THIS PHENOMENAL WORLD reminds us of that- and it may stop us in our tracks as if looking at something for the first time. We invite you to get personal and explore what “phenomenal” means to you! Come take a look- engage in some one-to-one with the art and see what happens!


Some artworks may be beautiful to you; others, puzzling and obscure. Some may be all three. Whatever they are, your reactions to the show will be unique. And that’s what interests us. “This isn’t about what Green Chalk Contemporary thinks. This is about what you think.”


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