"Walter De Maria once said that the reason to make art is to be able to say five or ten things at once. The five or ten things in my work for the past thirty years center on time and place.


Three years ago, I began a series of drawings using a magnifying glass and sunlight to burn holes in the work. My experience of making this work has beem one of using the sun to mark time and place simultaneously. I  am connecting the drawing to the sun and recording the process at the same time. It also means I am dependent on the sun. The marks made by sunlight are holes and yet they are to be looked at more than looked through.”


I decided at the beginning that I would use Nepalese paper. When I was 22 I had the opportunity to live in Nepal for five years and I experimented with local materials. One of those was Nepalese lokta paper, which I have used in in several bodies of work. The paper is a reference: a way to connect my work to the place of Nepal.                   

                                                                                                                        - Sharron Antholt, 2017

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