“I realized a few years ago, when looking at a collection of Indian miniatures in the Crocker Gallery in Sacramento, that my use of borders comes directly from Indian miniature painting, which I discovered in the 80’s when I was living in India.” 

-Sharron Antholt            


The paintings in Sharron Antholt’s INDIA are influenced by a recent month long stay in Tamil Nadu, Southern India and draw upon a period between 1963 and 1985 when she lived for long periods in the Indian sub-continent. For more that ten years during of that time she lived in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India in that order.  


These references continue to to be part of her work, sometimes more directly than others. The striking thing about India is the sense of condensed and fleeting time which is powerful and which permeates everyday life. The ancient is everywhere present and Antholt says that she has often had the feeling there that thousands of years exist in a single moment.  Many of the titles for the paintings in this series are borrowed from 7th century Tamil Nadu poets Appar, Sundarar, and Sambandar.

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