At one point in history there were women who subversively stitched – treating an act of domesticity as a small protest, giving birth in many ways to the idea that the personal is political. 

- Lisa Solomon, Oakland, CA, 2018


Lisa Solomon is profoundly interested in the idea of hybridization and her works revolve thematically around domesticity, craft and masculinity/femininity. In her view, in this digital age, using ‘antiquated’ materials and techniques such as embroidery is, in fact, subversive. Solomon’s work is in dialogue with contemporary art and the history of painting, but by using thread and craft materials she feels that she is simultaneously in conversation with an aesthetic artistic sphere that is inherently more interior and domestic.



Lisa Solomon received her BA from UC Berkeley and MFA from Mills College. Her work has been featured in national and international venues including the LA, ARTMARKET and Irving Street Projects, SF, Walter Maciel Gallery, LA, Tillman Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, KS and Nicoletta Rusconi Gallery, Milan, Italy. She has received Artist Residence Grants from the Palo Alto Art Center, CA; Oakland Museum, Irving Street Projects, SF, Angles Gate, LA, CA, the Ulrich Museum of Art in Wichita, Kansas and the Komi-Machi Kougen Museum, Japan. She has authored a book on embroidery published by Quarry press titled Knot Thread Stitch and her illustrations are featured in 20 Ways to Draw a Chair and 44 Other Magnificent Every Day Objects  and Draw 500 Everyday Things. Ms. Solomon teaches art at UC Berkeley, San Francisco State University, Mills College, CCA, and Cal State East Bay

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