Laurel Farrin  |  BACK ALLEY

EXHIBITION DATES: May 2- June 6, 2015

Was Green Chalk Contemporary originally an alley? Artist Laurel Farrin certainly thinks so! After looking at Green Chalk Contemporary on social media for many months, artist Laurel Farrin proposed that she mount an original painting/installation for the gallery which showed the orgins of the space and created within, the feeling of its mundane past as a passage way/alley between Lighthouse Avenue and the old Monterey lumberyard on Cannery Row. Farrin, who has done similar projects and more at galleries and alternative spaces across the US, began the project by scouring Green Chalk's Cannery Row neighborhood for sources. She began her painting project for the gallery in late May. Yes, she spent time gazing out across the bay, lounging on the beaches, hiking the trails, eating good food from the vendors and restaurants. But, it was the shape of a trash can, the yogurt cup which contained her snack, the shape of the curb in front of the gallery and other mundane and overlooked curious shapes and objects that grabbed her imagination as she went to work at the gallery painting walls, importing trash, setting up her fine artwork into frames and such that she painted on the wall. The installation took a grueling four days. The results....well come to the gallery and take a look Thursday, June 4 from 5:00- 7:00 om- before the exhibition ends


Ms. Farrin says, “This show is about what’s in an alley - where stuff goes that no longer fits - or doesn’t fit together - the leftovers, the forgotten, the unwanted, the discards. The back alley is where broken things are left, where weeds grow. The back alley is where kids play. The back alley is where we go to to hide, to abandon and sometimes to find and rescue rare treasures.”


Located between a restaurant and a dive shop, the space is 12 ft. wide and 65 ft. long with pipes hanging along its brick walls. An old 1929 picture shows that while not an "official" alley, Green Chalk Contemporary was used as a walk-through between Lighthouse Ave. and the old lumber yard down near Cannery Row. 

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