Francie Hester’s work explores the complex and transitory nature of memory. She writes “My work is a series of studies and reflections on how pattern emerges from random events, how random events form memory and how the passage of time shapes a life. The work evokes the unknown or unknowable, and draws on the ordering principles of mathematics and science to contemplate how order and sequence are create from disconnected events.”

Works from her series, STRATA, VESTIGE, TIMEPIECE, CONNECTOME, DOMINO, CONVEX, POP, PORTAL AND VESSEL     are featured here. Created from 2001 to 2005, STRATA grew out of the “deafening silence” she experienced as a result of the events of September 11, 2001. Hester writes, “My world, our world stopped. The studio went silent. I stripped my work of all imagery and began to paint what I like to think of as chants- a spiritual beginning.” Hester’s VESTIGE series explores moments frozen in time. TIMEPIECE is inspired by an astrolabe, the earliest timepiece, which was used at night to locate the positions of stars, sun, moon and the planets for navigation. The CONNECTOME series takes its name from the ongoing project by Sebastian Seung of MIT which focuses on mapping  the brain by photographing electrical currents. DOMINO builds on the concepts first explored in the CONNECTOME series: a focus on the complex and transitory nature of memory. Research is uncovering how memory is stored and then triggered by electrical currents, creating a sequencing effect similar to a line of dominos.

An internationally exhibited artist, Hester’s work is in numerous private and corporate collections including The World Bank, Freddie Mac, Capital One, KPMG, Covington & Burling and the International Monetary Funds. She has received honorary grants from the District of Columbia Commission of the Arts and Humanities and from the Arts Council of Montgomery County, Maryland. Hester’s commissioned works include a 1996 piece for the Ginetta Sagan Fund of Amnesty International and an 18- ft atrium piece for the Chicago Kent College of Law. In addition, she has created large- scale sculptural aluminum paintings for ASHA, Booze Allen Hamilton and NEA Member Benefits. She received an M.F.A. in painting from the University of Michigan.


Winter, 2014

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