Jane Olin
Robin V. Robinson
Anna Rheim
Robin Ward


June 13- August 8, 2014


  Green Chalk Contemporary celebrates the INDEPENDENT PRESENCE- the work of six artists, Martha Casanave, Susan Hyde-Greene, Jane Olin, Anna Rheim Robin V. Robinson and Robin Ward, whose photographs spring from a place known for its photographic roots, where knowledge and technique have been passed hand-to-hand for decades.Their courage with their processes and their belief in its power to transcend the subject matter is what bonds them.


The artists extract themselves from the embrace of two historical photographic traditions that have become oppressive (West Coast landscape photography and conceptual photography) thereby freeing their intuitions to guide them towards the work they truly need to do.

As David Bayles explains in the exhibition catalog, “Their work belongs to no school of photography but is rather more sui generis – it generates itself out of intuition, out of perception, out of spiritual emotional and psychological relationships with the subject matter, and out of an intimate but lighthearted relationship with photography's notorious technical side- all to the effect that these artists know who they are and are willing to declare themselves.”

Join us as we feature these six artists for an exhibit of creative photography expressing mystery, nature and narrative themes. The art in this exhibition is grounded in the history of photography, from pin-hole cameras and darkroom alchemy to digital composites.

Artists Martha Casanave, Susan Hyde-Greene, Jane Olin, Anna Rheim, Robin V. Robinson, Robin Ward support each other through meetings at Jane’s Salon where they discuss their experiments and artistic ideals and rely on each other for criticism and advice.



Funding for this exhibition was provided by Celadon Arts, a nonprofit arts funding organization. 


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