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March 15- May 3, 2013


Press Release 



An Exhibition of Drawings, Interactive Installations and Video Works


Dates of exhibition: October 8- November 9, 2013

Launch Party:  6- 8 pm Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Place: Green Chalk Contemporary, 616 Lighthouse Ave, New Monterey, CA, 93940


Green Chalk Contemporary is delighted to present THE SUPERORGANISM, an exhibition which explores mind and group consciousness through drawings, video, and an interactive installation by Bay Area artist Farley Gwazda. The three projects differ in terms of form and media, but all reflect a deliberate visual complexity, an analytic psychedelia. 


“The Superorganism” (2013), an experimental installation, has been custom designed for the Green Chalk Contemporary space. Viewers are invited to participate in a structured drawing game in which they choose their favorite images and copy them on paper. The result is a collaborative piece that evolves to reflect the consciousness of the group. A "superorganism" is an organism made of organisms, biologist E. O.Wilson's term for the eusocial animals. 


OUTPUT (2012 - 2013), a new series of pen and ink drawings, uses line, symmetry, and repetition to explore a cosmology of mathematical, biomorphic, and language-like form. These are improvisations, rendered in miniature, with no erasures. Each records the live manipulation of symbols within the context of a personal style in which pictorial individuation competes with compositional interrelationships.


MODEL EARTH (2012) is a video collage of many layers of highly processed animations downloaded from science journals, research institutes, and professors' nerdy home pages. Sarah Hotchkiss of KQED comments, "'MODEL EARTH is notably accomplished. Layers of colors, line, and movement interact seamlessly with one another, all backed by a warm mixture of real life and digitally-produced sounds” The imagery is synced to an original composition built from sound files appropriated from radio astronomy, archives of early NASA missions, field recordings of animal vocalizations, and data sonification experiments.


Farley Gwazda received his BA from Bard College and his MFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley. He has recently exhibited his work at Berkeley Art Museum, Santa Clara University Art Gallery, Krowswork Gallery, Interface Gallery, Aggregate Space, and Royal NoneSuch Gallery. Along with Indira Martina Morre, he is the Co-Director of Martina }{ Johnston, an artist-run, non-profit house gallery in Berkeley, where he lives and works.