July 12- August 14, 2014

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SATURDAY, July 12- August 9, 2014

Launch Party: Saturday, July 12, 6:00- 8:00 pm

Artist Talk: Michael Kerbow, 6:00 pm


THRIVING SEAS! Simone Jones, Seafood Watch Program

The Monterey Bay Aquarium,

Thursday, July 17, 6:30 pm



Demonstration and audience partiipation

Barbara Furbush and Nora Partido

Thursday, July 31, 6:30 pm


Green Chalk is pleased to present FRESH FISH! an exhibition concerned with the political, social and environmental issues concerning fish. The show runs from July 12 through   and includes an opening talk with Michael Kerbow, THRIVING SEAS, a slide presentation with Simone Jones, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Gyotaku- Traditional Japanese Fish Printing with artists Barbara Furbush and Nora Partido.


Michael Kerbow, Rob Barnard, Jerry Takigawa capture the fragility of environmental balance. Michael Kerbow, says about his work, “I’m trying to allude to the damage caused by the rampant over- consumption and waste that occurs as we try to power our society. The fish I’ve used are a metaphor for the natural resources that sustain us. These creatures aren’t shown in their natural state of existence. They are chopped up, or crushed together and sprawl indefinitely beyond the edge.” Rob Barnard’s mesmerizing drawing of eels poignantly captures the fragility of these sea creatures. Jerry Takigawa stirs us to question our relationship with plastic and the horrors it can cause creatures in the sea. Tom Nakashima’s painting It’s Natural feature the transexual California Sheephead- beginning life as a female and ending as a male. 


The exhibition includes work by Sharron Antholt, Peter Charles, Christine Crozier, Amanda Bohem- Garcia, Francie Hester, Sysan Hyde- Greene, Dave Higgins, John Keppleman, Mineko Kondo, Ray Magslay, Coleen Mulvey, Craig Nagasawa, Enid Baxter Rice, Mai Ryuno, Mary Ann Sadler, Jamie Sweetman, Alan Sonneman, Noriyuki Sekiguchi and Martin Webb.




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