Rebecca Clark  |  WITNESS

November 6- December 31, 2013



TITLE: Rebecca Clark  |  WITNESS

DATES: November 6- December 31, 2013

LAUNCH PARTY | Saturdy, November 6, 6- 8pm

PLACE: Green Chalk Contemporary

616 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey, CA  93940


Green Chalk Contemporary is delighted to present WITNESS, drawings by Washington, DC artist Rebecca Clark whose work addresses urgent issues of ecocide, the transformative power of nature, and consciousness about our small but critical place within the natural order.


By luring the viewer into beautiful worlds inhabited by birds and insects, Clark coaxes us into deeper rapport with what we too often view as "other."  In a recent review in The Washington Post, critic Michael O’Sullivan describes Clark’s drawings as “meticulous and deceptively pretty.” Clark believes that to simply observe nature without engagement is to detach oneself from reality. Clark’s 32 drawings in the WITNESS exhibition call the viewer to a deeper experience involving connection, understanding, and honesty. 


Inspired by plant and animal studies of the Northern Renaissance, nature mysticism, and Buddhist teachings of impermanence and cycles of life, Clark's drawings capture transient moments of grace and beauty rendered with exquisite detail.  Central themes revolve around the interconnectedness in nature and our loss of connection with the sacred. 


Currently, Clark is collaborating with photographer / filmmaker / activist Chris Jordan on a new edition in Jordan's “Running the Numbers” series, due to be completed in 2014. This project includes 50 original drawings. The more generic birds will be reproduced hundreds of thousands of times, but the individualized originals in the WITNESS exhibition will be used only once.  

Clark’s work is included in numerous publications, including HAIKU ON THE SPARROW, WORKS & CONVERSATIONS and EARTHLINES, and will be featured in the 2014 INDA 8 INTERNATIONAL DRAWING ANNUAL published by Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center. Exhibitions include those at Dumbo Arts Center, Sam Lee Gallery, Katzen Arts Center at American University, Union of Concerned Scientists, Silber Gallery at Goucher College, Hillyer Art Space, Academy Art Museum, Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, Piermont Straus, and the City of New York Parks & Recreation's Arsenal Gallery in Central Park. Clark lives and works in Hyattsville, Maryland. 








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