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Marvelous...or disturbing? Too Big to Fail, Kristin Casaletto’s multi-media painting with locusts, is a real jolt! Locusts are agile and strong. They can black out the sky in swarms or destroy huge swaths of crops. They are used in the Old Testament as instruments of God's power; they were food to Native Americans of the Great Plains.


Casaletto charts an aggressive exploration of the ethics and politics of race, class, gender, and citizenship in a ‘super power’ nation. Her art springs from an impulse to draw, both as a means of contemplation and of action. Sometimes monumentally scaled, she fuses high-art materials and techniques with less orthodox materials such as food, insects, digital media, and found objects.


Casaletto’s art raises questions, rather than pushing one specific agenda. It encourages a deeper level of discourse than the one often encountered in our highly partisan, sound- bite-oriented contemporary culture. What happens to countries whose citizens can no longer discuss civic issues thoroughly and logically? In the U.S., there is freedom to portray the flag using locusts. Do we value such freedom?


Casaletto has received numerous grants and awards. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, and Australia. It is held in museum, university, and private collections. She is a professor of art at Georgia Regents University and holds two undergraduate degrees from Ball State University in physics and fine arts, an MA in art history from Michigan State University.


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