“I like the idea of creating this wild forest-garden among the clean architectural lines of the urban apartment building."  - Martin Webb

Commissioned by Bridge Housing, Martin Webb designed the mural with concern for the mission statement of the Affordable Housing non-profit Bridge Housing. The mission statement centers on rebuilding and “re-knitting” a neighborhood that has been fractured by catastrophic development decisions, and by successive waves of social change. He made use of historical background material regarding the origins of the area and its transitions.


Before designing the mural, he spent time exploring the neighborhood- taking photos of sights that could be incorporated into the mural. He became intrigued by the mature trees which line the residential streets around Mosswood Park, and felt that these trees had witnessed and endured all the changes. He saw them as emblematic of both resilience and new growth, and used trees and foliage as metaphoric symbols of these changes.


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