Life can be magical when answers emerge to bare-boned questions bubbling just beneath one’s awareness. My daily intention of trusting my intuition, while practicing present moment awareness, helps sustain and nurture a style that is unique to me. Experimenting and pushing photographic boundaries, both in the darkroom and while making images, are crucial to my work. I use all at my disposal in my darkroom – unique toning, creative use of farmer’s reducer, over or under exposing print/negative, and the use of soft focus and photographic chemicals in unique ways, among others – never fearing to break rules. I embrace creative accidents, like the one that led to my current series, and feel liberated when abandoning the path dictated by darkroom procedure. I persevere until I’ve created the kind of image my intuition demands and my dreams dictate. To imbue a flat, two-dimensional photographic surface with the energy of spirit, my own and that of the thing I’m photographing, is my goal.

                                                                                                                                                                               - Jane Olin, 2016


BA, Philosophy & History, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

Workshops with Master Photographers: Ruth Bernhard, Joyce Tenneson, Victoria Bell, Martha Casanave, Dan Estabrook, John Sexton, Brian Taylor, Holly Roberts, Elizabeth Opalenik & Christopher James.

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