Green Chalk Contemporary is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Rob Barnard. a seminal figure in American ceramic art. In the three and a half decades since he trained at the prestigious Kyoto University for the Fine Arts under the renowned ceramic artist Kazuo Yagi, Barnard has had solo exhibitions not only throughout the United States, but also in Japan, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. The exhibition will include 24 pieces of unglazed, wood-fired functional work including platters, vases, tea ware and bowls.


Rob Barnard is one of the earliest practitioners of unglazed wood- fired work in the United States and remains unabashed about his interest in pottery forms- writing that, “ There is great pleasure and insight that comes from discovering the extraordinary within categories that are often considered mundane and ordinary.”  He is an artist who has pursued his aesthetic inquiries inside the framework of woodfired pottery and been an advocate, both in print as well as in his own work, for the revival of the cultural importance of potter in modern society. With his work, he has managed to achieve a simplicity and unpretentiousness that belies the conceptual complexity behind it. “For Barnard the decision to make functional pottery is not governed by commercial necessity or even high moral imperative. It is an act of stealth in which high aesthetics and complex ideas disguised as modest objects invade our consciousness” writes the English potter and writer, Julian Stair.

Barnard has written over 50 articles on the crafts and ceramic art in both American and international publications and is the recipient of two National Endowments for the Arts Fellowships. His work can be found in the collections of major museum across the United States. In 2013 the Crocker Museum held a solo exhibition Barnard’s, a collection aquired from Rob and Josseline Wood.

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