Sharron Antholt's sensual paintings reference architectural and sculptural shapes from India which were gleaned from her recent stay in Tamil Nadu, South India and the years she lived for long periods on the Indian sub-continent; Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India. 


Antholt finds the basic essence for these forms by reducing images of fortresses, temples and sculptural forms to flat shapes. She views this like a map which, in its flattened state, allows us to grasp something too large to comprehend- for example, the entire country of India or the earth itself. In these new works on paper and canvas, Antholt refers to what she calls “a feeling of condensed or collapsed time which powerfully permeates everyday life in India; the sensation of thousands of years existing in a single moment”.  


Antholt extends these ideas of flattened time and space to the titles of her work, inspired by the 7th Century Bhakti poets of Tamil Nadu. From the village roadside to the inner depths of the temples,  the sounds of veena and conch shell, the scent of sandalwood, jasmine and the taste of rosewater  the sensual descriptions in that poetry describe sounds, smells and tastes in the 7th century.


The sensual descriptions used in that poetry describe sounds, smells and tastes in the 7th century and today, from village roadsides to the inner depths of the temples-  the sounds of veena and conch shell, the scent of sandalwood and jasmine and the taste of rosewater.


Sharron Antholt was born in Santa Rosa, CA. She earned a BFA from CSU, Hayward, and her MFA from San Francisco Art institute. Antholt traveled throughout Europe and lived in the Middle East, India and Washington, DC for for over twenty years. She is currently, a Professor of Art at Western Washington University, Bellingham and has been awarded residencies at Yaddo and the MacDowell Colony and grants from the Washington, DC Commission on the Arts and Artist Trust in Seattle. Exhibitions of her work include the Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, Washington; The Corcoran Gallery, National Museum for Women in the Arts, Indian International Center, New Delhi, Chemould Gallery, Calcutta, India; and Tretykov Gallery, Moscow, Russia. 

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